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ALPSAT Satfinder 5HD with Realtime Spektrum and NIT



No longer available !!!! The successor model is "ALPSAT SatFinder 5HD Pro+AHD"

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Brand: Alpsat

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No longer available !!!! The successor model is "ALPSAT SatFinder 5HD Pro+AHD"

Satfinder 5 HD Slim DVB-S and DVB-S2 NIT + KU/KA/C-Band

work as Professionals!

Multi Meter with Real Time Spectrum Analyzer, Constellation measurement, Unikabel and Package measurement

SD and HD Picture MPEG2 & MPEG4

The functionality of the Satfinder 5 HD can be seen. It has many useful features that are usually found only in Commercial instruments in much higher price ranges.

Read and judge for yourself .....

The SATFINDER 5 HD Slim is a powerful SAT-meter for optimal measurement in DVB-S and DVB-S2 satellite receiver systems.

It is suitable for new installation of a satellite antenna to quickly find a desired satellites as well as to validate existing satellite - receiver systems.

The Signal Can measure directly the LNB or a Multiswitch Output (All LNB types, all multiswitch and DiSEqC types)

The built-in battery makes this device to an ultra - portable measuring instrument.

the unit has a true "real-time" Spectrum Analyzer as Constellation, - and Package measurement..

About a software editor, the instrument can be programmed for other client-specific satellite transponders.

With the handy device, which is supplied in a protective bag with strap, can perfectly work even on steep roofs.

Special Satfinder 5 HD SLIM:

  • MPEG2 and MPEG4 HD TV-Picture
  • DVB-S SD und DVB-S2 HD Measurment (QPSK und 8PSK)
  • Very sensitive device for the detection of very weak signals
  • Satellite finder function with static NIT evaluation
  • Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer (with adjustable Span)
  • BER & MER measurement
  • Constellation - Measurement QPSK 8PSK + (SD + HD signals)
  • Spectrum NIT satellite detection (already Analyzed in the spectrum analyzer mode, read out the real NIT-Data-Stream and Identifies the satellite )
  • Signal Quality Analysis (bad, fair, good, very good, perfect)
  • X-pol. Measurement (measures simultaneously Vertical + Horizontal)
  • Multilevel measurement (2 satellite signals of a multi-feed system simultaneously in conjunction with DiSEqC switch)
  • PACKAGE measurement (showing max. 5 transponder level at a time)
  • Mux-scan measurement (multi-switch test)
  • DiSEqC Scan (Analyzes and identifies all connected to a multi switch satellite orbital positions)
  • Sat NIT evaluation / satellite identification (analyzing the receiving signal and identifies the satellite based on pre-stored transponder data)
  • Unicable measurement (8 prestored SCR frequencies 1284, 1400, 1516, 1632, 1748, 1864, 1980 + 2096 MHz)
  • Memory for max. 8000 TV & Radio Channels
  • Memory for max. 5000 Transponders
  • Memory for max. 250 Satellite-Positions

Satfinder 5 HD Slimsatfinder5hd-beispiel-mit-tasche.jpg


  • 128 x 64 dot matrix LCD (with backlight)
  • DVB-S SD and DVB-S2 HD measurement (QPSK and 8PSK)
  • Signal level measurement in dBm or dBµV
  • Signal - level measurement and - quality as a numerical value 0-99% and as a bar graph
  • C / N signal to noise ratio measurement in dB
  • BER Bit Error Rate measurement signal before and after error correction
  • MER Modulation Error Rate measurement
  • signal Satellite finder function with static NIT evaluation
  • LNB input via F-connector with short circuit protection
  • Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer (with selectable Span: 100, 300, 600 and 1200 MHz)
  • Constellation - Measurement / Constalltion - diagram
  • X-pol. Measurement (Vertical and horizontal level at a time)
  • Multilevel measurement (Optimum alignment 2 satellite with an antenna)
  • PACKAGE metering: Meters max. 5 transponders simultaneously
  • DiSEqC Scan: Analyzes all input signals of a DiSEqC switch / multi-switch and assigns each connection to the correct satellite
  • Mux-scan measurement (multi-switch tester)
  • Quick test for LNB power measures the actual power consumption of the connected LNB Audible and visual signal quality and signal strength indicator Unicable-Measurement (SCR freq. 1284, 1400, 1516, 1632, 1748, 1864, 1980 + 2096 MHz)
  • KU, C, L / R band
  • KA band
  • DISEQC 1.0 1.1 and 1.2, motor control & USALS Control
  • Custom adjustable transponder (16 Transponder/32 satellites)
  • Long life lithium batteries (2200mAH 7.4V Li-On) with IC control
  • Battery capacity for more than three hours of continuous operation sufficient
  • Easy adjustment and modification of the satellite parameters by software update
  • USB interface for Software update with USB Stick
  • Securing one's own satellite list
  • Transferring new satellite lists
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 100x 40x 18mm
  • Weight: about 0.8 Kg, incl batteries

11 Menu Languages:

German, English, Turkish, Spanish, Russian, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Kurdish, Italian and Greek.

PC Software / SAT - EDIT - TOOL

  • With the PC software, you can edit the transponder / satellite list
  • Edit Satellite, add & remove
  • Edit Transponder, add & remove

Scope Of Delivery:

  • Satfinder 5 HD Slim
  • Nylon carrying case with shoulder strap
  • HF cable 1,0m with F-Quick Plug
  • Charging adapter 100-240V AC / 12V DC
  • 12V cigarette lighter charger

Test Report : SatFinder 5 HD

Satfinder 5HD SAT-Empfang Testbericht 11/2014

Download (1.67M)

Manuals: SatFinder 5HD

User Guide EN and TR Kullanim Kilavuzu

Download (3.49M)

Manuals: SatFinder 5HD

SatFinder 5HD Bedienungseinleitung DE V1.2

Download (9.25M)

Firmware: SatFinder 5HD

Channel Editor Programm SatFinder 5 HD (zip) V.1.5 , 28.06.2017

Download (2.24M)

Sat- Liste 5HD EU .sfd

Satellite List Europe 04/17 Astra (1) Format .sfd

Download (77.05k)

Sat-Liste 5HD World .sfd

World Satellite List 10/2014 Türksat (1) Format .sfd

Download (75.08k)

Firmware: SatFinder 5HD V1.82

SatFinder 5HDSlim Firmware V1.82 / 30.12.2018

Download (4.41M)

SAT- List 5HDS EU .db5 up 1.76

Satellite List Europe 20/ 06/18 ASTRA (1) Format .db5 up FW 1.76

Download (301.73k)

Editor SatFinder 5HD V.1.7

Channel Editor Programm SatFinder 5 HDSlim (zip) up FW 1.7 / 19.02.2018

Download (2.49M)

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ALPSAT Satfinder 5HD with Realtime Spektrum and NIT

No longer available !!!! The successor model is "ALPSAT SatFinder 5HD Pro+AHD"

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